Msc, BA Communication Specialist - Personalities Creator - Coach

Growth Strategy & Interpersonal Relationships Advisor - Author

I Hearing, Seeing, Thinking, Speaking, Writing and Mentoring.

Our WORLD is virtual and we are its creators. Our LIFE is an adventurous holidays trip.

We are voyagers, travelers, philosophers, demons and angels.

Our PURPOSE is the Freedom of mind and Happiness of soul

Every PERSON is a uniquely priceless work of art. Players in a GAME where always come out, WINNERs.

I care about people and can offer Life Coaching and Soul Counseling, supporting them to bring out their uniqueness.

I can facilitate you in matters of self-Development, Professional strategy and interpersonal relationships,

I manage personal crises, and TOGETHER, we can bring out your bright and confident personality.

We design and redefine your new lifestyle, in a protected and safe environment, based on timeless values and empowering beliefs that suit you, exclusively on a personal and confidential level.

I serve individuals in their pursuit of happiness. through Culture, Art, beauty, active Politics and Metaphysical spirituality,

I am an Expert in Communication and Creative Thinking, Public Speaker, Personality Creator and Author.


Listening - Speaking

Observing- Empathising

Written Communication - Oral Communication -Non-Verbal And Visual Communication - Active Listening - Contextual Communication.

Professional & Personal lives - Metaphysical coaching

Developing the client relationship - Clarifying and assessing the presenting problem/situation- Identifying and setting counseling goals- Designing and implementing interventions - Planning,

Communication Consulting System Talent- Relation ship - Life style

I help you deal with problems and make difficult decisions in various aspects of your life. Life Coaching and Soul Counselling


I provide guidance, advice, feedback and support to the mentee. I serving as role model, teacher, counselor, advisor, sponsor, advocate and ally. I will provide you all the tools to be able to become a better version of yourselve

CONNECT people - LIVE together - CREATE families.

Future Living for Human - Co-living creates a housing environment that supports collaboration, openness, knowledge sharing, innovation, and social interaction.